With 11,232 members on their Facebook page, the Only Orchids Charity has racked up some major accomplishments since their inception in June of 2016. They’ve come a long way since their first meeting at Schlotzsky’s, where they got together to brainstorm a direction for the group. Based loosely on the Orchids and Onions section of the local newspaper, the group decided to focus entirely on the Orchids section, believing that more can be accomplished by being positive and upbeat. If you’re going to post to their Facebook page, it needs to be something positive about the community or a community member or organization.
Given the narrowness of the school district’s 15 percent budget override passing in November’s general election, Only Orchids knows that they had a major impact on the outcome. Dustin Runyon, one of the founding members, points to the Facebook campaign and videos that ran on Facebook before the election. “We really wanted to reach people that were either on the fence in the vote or hadn’t even registered to vote. We held an event at Mudshark Brewery and the turnout was amazing. There were hundreds of people at the event in which we presented the positive message of the school bond and budget override passing to support our local school district and community.” Given that the vote passed by only a few hundred votes, the event held by Only Orchids really helped the final outcome. “Helping to educate the public about these important social issues in our community while helping reduce voter apathy were two main goals for our organization. I think we succeeded on both counts,” notes Runyon.
A 501c3 organization, this charity is working towards a goal of four major events per year. While details are still being worked out, the group wants to continue to have a positive effect in the community. Greg Whitmore, also a founding member, points to the drive to provide full Thanksgiving meals to needy families in the community. “We estimated that we needed $11,000 to pull off the project. We called on individuals and businesses to get involved and we found that all we had to do is ask—people want to get involved, but sometimes they just don’t know how. We feel the best way to reach people is through social media.” Whitmore pointed out that they were also thankful to Safeway for providing the meals at a discount. “In all we were able to provide 254 boxed turkey dinners with all of the fixings.”
If you’re interested in joining or contributing to this organization, they can be reached at OnlyOrchids.org or on Facebook at Only Orchids. You can also call Cameron Moses at (928) 208-5342. The members hope to continue to have a positive impact in the community and want to let people know that they’ve taken all the politics out of giving—if they can help, they will—doesn’t that deserve an Orchid?

Only Orchids Charity Mission Statement

To enhance our community and humanity through charitable contributions, social awareness, entertaining events, and kindness towards others. Encouraging the youth and citizens of Lake Havasu City and beyond to become actively involved in humanitarian services towards one another. Transforming our city one act of kindness at a time.