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Jonathan Fotino

FLASH Photography!

Havasu is famous for colorful, ever-changing sunsets that mesmerize our senses and
bring out our cameras and cell phones. In fact, we receive more sunset photos for Photo Finish
than any other category of photos. They’re easy to shoot and look great.
Much more difficult to photograph is the elusive lightning strike. Unpredictable and over
in seconds, these beautiful forces of nature make for memorable photographic moments frozen in
time for posterity. Jonathan Fotino, a resident of Lake Havasu for the past 15 years, recalls his
experiences with one of our recent lightning storms. What he captured with his camera was an
impressive and most dazzling display of Mother Nature. “I took the photo near one of the
lighthouses on the Island on August 12, 2014 during one of the summer monsoons. Using a
Canon Rebel T3i, with the kit lens set to 28mm, Jonathan used a sturdy tripod and an f8, 11
second exposure, ISO 100. “I was also using a remote shutter release to minimize camera shake.
It was the first time I had ever tried to shoot lightning photos, and I was very happy with the
SEND US YOUR PHOTOS: If you have an interesting or unusual photograph that was shot in or around
Lake Havasu, e-mail us at, or post it on our Facebook page, and you might just be our next Photo Finish.

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