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Gardening in Lake Havasu City

Just because we are in the middle of a desert does not mean we cannot enjoy beautiful gardens too! Here are our favorite articles to help you with Lake Havasu gardening. We have expert graders that give us the low down on growing flowers, fruits, vegetables and more.


WINTER GARDENINGTIPS   Our weather is getting cooler and outside activities abound. This is bulb planting time.  Daffodils, gladiolus, ranunculas, and irises all do well here and come back every year.  When planting, sprinkle bulb booster in the hole to help them along.   You can’t walk through any of our garden centers without admirin[...]

Vegetables in the Low Desert

Most of us are transplants from another state and are undoubtedly used to planting our vegetable gardens in real soil.  However, here in the low desert, we have dirt, not soil--and due to our heat index, a frustration with nature.  Since there is a little bit of Farmer John in all of us, I thought I would write about the what, when, where and how on vegetabl[...]

The Master Gardener - Lake Havasu Gardening

Pucker Up and Get Planting! Citrus is one of the most popular trees grown here in Lake Havasu City. However, citrus is not native to our part of the desert, so special guidelines are in order to maintain a healthy citrus tree.  The guidelines that I am giving you are specifically for Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City. When choosing a variety of citr[...]

The Barrel Cactus

Living in the low desert, we have grown to enjoy our tall cactus such as the Saguaro and Ocotillos. These are a mainstay in our landscape, but what if you don’t have the space for these stately specimens? One of the most popular and eye-catching cacti that can be brought into smaller spaces is the Barrel Cactus (Ferocactus & Echinocactus). They are alway[...]


Fall, winter, and spring are all about enjoying our beautiful outdoor weather.  As gardeners, the itch to dig in the dirt is satisfied during the seasons before our boiling summer.  Plants thrive with our cooler temperatures during these months, allowing them to set their roots prior to our summer season.  Let’s look at how to obtain more year around col[...]

Planning for a Hot Summer

We have not had a cool winter. As a matter of fact, the weather has been 10°F above normal this winter.  If this is any indication of what is to come, we may once again be seeing 125°F in June and another long, hot summer.  Concern for our landscape plants is paramount in all of our minds…what survived last summer may not survive this summer.  Last summer’s [...]

Lavender in Lake Havasu

Lavender (lavandula) is the queen of the scented herb garden.  It is the backbone of many of our perfumes, soaps, sachets, and potpourris. The botanical name comes from the Latin word lavare, meaning to wash.  Since the earliest of times, lavender has been used to perfume bath water and burned as incense to cleanse hospitals. You usually picture it in an Eng[...]

Havasu Landscape

Havasu Landscape       more than twigs and tumbleweeds You don't have to be a horticulture expert to have beautiful plants and colorful shrubs in your yard or desert garden. In this article we’ll tell you about numerous desert plants that are perennial, low maintenance and provide lovely color many times during the year.[...]

Growing Grapes in Lake Havasu City

Large vineyards are not something we see here in Lake Havasu City; however, there are many small vineyards tucked away in backyards throughout the city.  These grapevines are trained on wire fences or wire trellises instead of neat rows that we have seen in photographs.  Arizona’s weather is well-suited for grapes! Full sunlight and the right variety for our[...]

GARDENING TIPS For Lake Havasu Gardeners

 Article & Photos Courtesy of Dottie Holman of LHC Master Gardeners With the fall season upon us, it is time to think “gardening” again and what needs to be done. We should be showing cooler nights, maybe some more rain or windstorms. Since this will be the beginning of the planting season, there are several things that need to be done. Be sure tha[...]

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