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Indy Reggae Pickle Rock – The Borrowers

Lake Havasu City may not be a large metropolis, but that doesn’t mean it lacks a multitude of venues to check out local music. And luckily, there are plenty of local bands that play a variety of genres to choose from. One group that is new to the stage is The Borrowers. Although they’ve only been together since January, there is nothing young about this band. With 30+ years of musical experience between them, these guys know what real music is all about.

Lake Havasu Music Scene - The Borrowers

The Borrowers, from left to right: Jake Hoffman,Elliot Seidel, Cameron Marin, and Kyle Roberts

Cameron Marin, Elliot Seidel, Jake Hoffman, and Kyle Roberts make up this dynamic group, and each have their own inspirations that come together to create the ultimate sound. The best way to describe their music would be Open Alternative Indy Rock, but there are several other underlying sounds. Cameron brings the Folk/Indy feel that is prominent in much of their music. This is how many of their songs usually begin. Elliot, with his love of Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Jazz, and Funk, takes that folk sound and turns it into a sick jam. Then Jake adds his influences of Punk and Reggae, making it heavy and strong. Finally, Kyle throws in some Southern Gothic Blues, and voila, you have a unique and fresh sound that will leave you wanting more.

All of these different influences and inspirations may seem like an odd pairing for a band, but that’s not how they see it. “If one of us wasn’t in the band, it wouldn’t be the same at all,” explains Cameron. Kyle agrees that all four of them are definitely needed in order to achieve the same sound.

So, how did they become The Borrowers? Their first idea was the Cross Fires, but a majority of them agreed that sounded too much like a country cover band. As they were tossing around ideas, Jake mentioned The Fire Borrowers. Kyle said, “Why not just The Borrowers?” They all immediately agreed. Taking the fact that they are all borrowing sounds and influences from different genres, it is indeed the perfect name.

As far as future plans for the band, they enjoy playing here in Havasu, but would love to expand out to surrounding areas. “Havasu is a great middle ground,” explains Kyle. “There are so many cities that are only two, three, or four hours away. We can go play a gig and still be home the same day.” Jake adds that he would like to see them playing at Coachella within the next two years—a very attainable goal for a group of extremely talented musicians.

Aside from playing because of their shared love of music, they want to be able to make their music easy to relate to. Sending a message that the hard times help make you who you are, but that you can turn things around and make your life better. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see that not only are they talented, but they are compassionate and caring souls as well.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering where you can see these guys play! Just jump online and follow them on

Instgram: we_are_the_borrowers

Facebook: wearetheborrowers

Twitter: @the_borrowers

Once you hear them, there’s no doubt they will be your new musical addiction.

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