Who doesn’t enjoy ethnic food? Sure, American dishes are amazing, but sometimes, having something outside the norm for our taste buds to savor is the best way to establish a fondness for foods from beyond our borders. Ever had Thai Chili Shrimp? Maybe a bit of curry to spice up a pork dish? Authentic recipes featuring foods from across the globe-Cuba, South America, China, Mexico – they can all be found in Lake Havasu. The next time you’re planning a night out, why not be adventuresome and sample one of these ethnic dishes?


Start with thinly-pounded, lightly breaded and fried chicken breast topped with tomato slices, mozzarella cheese, and basil – add an aglio – olive oil, garlic, wine sauce, and serve with a side of angel hair pasta Primavera. Delicioso!

Angelina’s Italian Kitchen, 1530 El Camino Drive





You’ll give this dish an “A” for presentation and an “A+” for the healthy deliciousness of the perfect mix of salmon, tuna, white tuna, and albacore. Served with a side salad drizzled with house dressing.

Shogun Japanese Cuisine, 90 Swanson Ave




Check out Havasu’s newest restaurant Four Clovers and see all their menu has to offer. Serving up a variety of Irish dishes, this one pictured is knows as Bangers & Mash – Irish sausage cooked in Guinness on top of cream and butter poached mash potatoes and an onion gravy pour with a side of mushy peas.

Four Clovers, 790 N. Lake Havasu Ave