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Making Life a Bit More Bearable!

Athena Cota and Amy Lea, organizers of the Havasu Bear Hunt, fill us in on all the details.


LIVING Magazine: What is the Havasu Bear Hunt?

Athena Cota: The Havasu Bear Hunt is based on the book and song “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” popular among children. The idea is simple–people place teddy bears around the community for children to find.  The Bear Hunt allows families to get out of the house and go on an adventure while “hunting” safely in their vehicles.


LM: Where did the idea come from?

AC: The idea came from other communities around the world that had already started a Bear Hunt of their own. I posted on Facebook my desire to be a part of this world-wide event by printing out a bear image and placing it on my car window when my friend, Amy said that she could make me a decal. We decided it would be a good idea to start a Facebook page where people could post pictures of placed and found bears!


AL: My decals have been a huge hit. I just wanted kids that are out of school and parents that are going through a hard time and everyone else in our town to be able to go on an adventure together and smile about it. The decals are making it possible for more bears to be spotted.


LM: When did it start and how long is it going on for?

AC: On March 29, the Havasu Bear Hunt Facebook page was created and there is no end in sight. There are currently over 900 members on the page.


LM: How do people get their addresses added to the list, and how often is it updated?

AC: People are posting pictures of the bears in their yard and the street name. Some are giving specific addresses–it’s up to the person posting the bear pic. Some are finding it’s more fun to just happen upon a bear or two while taking a different way home.


LM: How is the bear hunt uniting neighborhoods during this time of social distancing?

AC: The bear hunt is uniting our neighborhoods by giving those in quarantine a way to interact with others during this historic time of social distancing. It allows families to get out of the home while staying safe and healthy. It allows children to recognize that their community cares for them. It allows those that are more susceptible to this virus to be a part of something exciting and to bring a smile to a child’s face…and what could be better than that? Lake Havasu City is full of amazing individuals who have taken this further than we ever thought possible.

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