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Turn Down for What? Your Electric Bill

Wintertime is the sweet spot when it comes to our utility bills. But summer is just around the corner and we’ve already clocked in a few 100 degree days, air conditioners will soon be working full time. And of course, that means higher electric bills. It can be difficult for some people to afford these bills which leads to payday loans for some people which then leads to them deciding to take something similar to a payday loan consolidation out to make those loans manageable. Everyone wants to pay the cheapest Electricity Rates possible so we’ve put together a few helpful ideas… some are low-cost fixes that save nickels and dimes here and there, and others are more costly solutions that can ensure big time savings, alternatively some households and businesses alike may want to look into different energy quotes from comparison sites such as Utility Bidder and more so they’re able to find the cheapest available option to them.

  1. Turn Off Lights

Shut off lights when they’re not in use. Leave reminders on switches if you have family members that might be a little forgetful of this rule. The new guideline to save even more: turn off computers and other electronics when not in use. Sure, they don’t drain a lot of power when idling, but it all adds up. Also, switch out old light bulbs with efficient, cost-effective compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

  1. Check Your Fridge

We’re not advocating running out and buying a new fridge, but refrigerators built before 1993 are big users of energy—in fact, in many cases, the largest user of energy of any appliance in your house. If you can replace it, great, you’ll see instant savings. Also, if you have a second fridge (here in Havasu, they’re usually in the garage), consider buying one that’s more energy efficient. That alone will account for huge savings.

  1. Install Ceiling Fans

Install Energy Star ceiling fans in the rooms used most often. They’ll help keep you cool in the summer, and as an added bonus, your air conditioner will work a lot less. In the winter, fans can be switched to turn clockwise to circulate the warm air rising up to the ceiling back down into the room.

  1. Wash Clothes in Cold Water, Then Air Dry

We admit it. No one hangs clothes out to dry anymore… it’s just not convenient. When’s the last time you saw a clothes line? And does anyone even know what clothespins are? But, if you have the time and want to go retro, buy a clothes line, air dry your clothes, and save a lot of money versus running your dryer. Plus, your clothes will have that fresh, outdoor dried smell.

  1. Turn Down Your Water Heater

Ever noticed how hard it is to get really cold water out of your house faucet in the summer. Most hot water heaters are in the garage and water lines run through attics. Those are two hot places in the summer. Consider turning your hot water heater down by 10 degrees and see the savings on your next utility bill.

  1. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Did you know that nearly half of US homes have a programmable thermostat? Maximize the efficiency of your cooling system by programing your thermostat to turn itself down or off when you’re sleeping or are at work or school.

Don’t turn your air conditioner completely off if you’re going to be gone all day. The system will have to work harder and longer (and be more costly) if you are constantly trying to cool off a house you allowed to heat up.

solar panels lake havasu cityTake Advantage of Havasu’s Sunny Days

If you’re serious about reducing your electric bill, Danny Stifle of Mohave Solar shares a few thoughts about the use of solar power. He points out that, while it’s great to have a swimming pool in Havasu, the reality is that the swimming pool equipment is the second largest expenditure on our electric bills (after heating and air conditioning). By upgrading to a variable speed pump one can anticipate $30 – $50 savings per month.

Installing a solar domestic hot water heater can save you anywhere from $40 – $60 per month (depending on the size of your family and water consumption). There are also Federal and state tax credits to offset the initial investment. Over the life of the system, this can account for substantial savings. Speaking of heating water, solar pool heating systems eliminate the costly expense of gas heating systems and can extend the swimming season in Havasu by 2-3 months.

Whether you’re looking to shave a few dollars off your utility bill or want to go all the way in with a solar system to heat your pool or provide electricity to your home, there has never been a better time to take advantage of all of the various options available.

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