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Photo Finish

Going to Great Depths!

PHOTO FINISH By Danielle Diana Facts are facts. A lot of the summer fun in Lake Havasu takes place in and under the water. Whether you’re in the lake or a backyard pool, watersports are an enjoyable way to beat the heat. Danielle first got interested in underwater photography after moving to Lake Havasu from Utah four years ago. “It's fun and I can get[...]

Love is in the Air!

PHOTO FINISH By Shila Holmes Love by the Lake It’s not just our imaginations…love is in the air! This photo, taken by Shila Holmes, a 19-year Havasu resident, beautifully captured this young couple in love. Where else but in Lake Havasu could you find all of the elements to capture this moment—a young couple, walking by the lake, silhouetted by the [...]

FLASH Photography!

Havasu is famous for colorful, ever-changing sunsets that mesmerize our senses and bring out our cameras and cell phones. In fact, we receive more sunset photos for Photo Finish than any other category of photos. They’re easy to shoot and look great. Much more difficult to photograph is the elusive lightning strike. Unpredictable and over in seconds, the[...]

Winter Photo Finish

Smoke On the Water There’s nothing quite like the sights and sounds of the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Races held in Lake Havasu. With racers approaching speeds in excess of 250 mph in under four seconds, it takes a keen eye, steady hand, and fast shutter speed to capture all of the frenetic action. The plume of water rising high into the air captures the intensi[...]

Fall Photo Finish

 Iconic Landmark Winner: Steven Paluch One of the most-photographed man-made landmarks in the state of Arizona is located right here in Lake Havasu City: the original London Bridge. Second only to the Grand Canyon as far as tourism numbers are concerned, the bridge provides an important piece of history to Havasu. Steven Paluch, a teacher at Lake Ha[...]